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Money collected from the First Collection supports the needs of priests of the parish: the priests' stipend, upkeep of the presbytery (food, utilities, repairs) and a small percentage covers the expenses of caring for elderly priests. Easter and Christmas Offerings, Wedding and Baptism Offerings are also added into the First Collection.

Any surplus is placed into a Central Fund to support migrant chaplaincies, priests in remote missions or those undertaking postgrauate studies.



Money from the Second Collection supports the maintenance of the parish buildings and pastoral programs. The Parish must work within its own budget and is unable to draw funds for expenses from any source other than its own parish  income.

Some of the expenses covered are Parish running costs (administration, insurance, utilities, repairs, and Charitable Works Fund shortfall).

There are several Parish ministries where you can volunteer your time and talents. 

Call us today. 

There are many ways you can help.


Throughout the year, several Archdiocesan Special Collections are taken up at Mass to support charitable works and ministries:

  • The Charitable Works Fund (CWF) supports CatholicCare, CCD (ministry expenses for catechists in public schools), Ephpheta Centre, Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, Seminaries and Chaplaincies, etc.

  • The Priests' Retirement Foundation, supports sick and retired priests.

  • The Holy Places annual collection is for the Church in the Holy Land.

  • Peter's Pence (Holy Father's Appeal) is a collection for intentions of the Holy Father.

  • Project Compassion Appeal held in lent supports the charitable works of Caritas Australia in developing countries.

  • Catholic Mission's focus in on the Church's worldwide missionary activities

  • The Society of St Vincent de Paul, Winter and Christmas Appeals provide assistance to society's needy and disadvantaged persons.

Our Parishes and migrant chaplaincies create a strong positive presence in our communities, and enjoy essential partners in our Catholic schools. Our Catholic identity finds fluent expression through them.

The Catholic Church has a strong tradition of giving that follows in the footsteps of St Paul who spoke about caring for one another;

it has established and supported many worthwhile charities throughout its long history.

This culture of charity continues on, but a parish can only sustain itself and these charitable works with the help of its parishioners whose generosity makes great things possible. We ask you to consider this when thinking about your charitable commitments to your parish. A church is not merely a building but the people who breathe life into it.

Your generosity in supporting the priests and good works of the Church is gratefully acknowledged. Each person's capacity to give is different and depends on individual circumstances, and you are not expected to give anything more than is reasonable.

However, your contribution not only benefits our twinned Parishes of Rockdale City and Bexley, but also smaller parishes throughout the Archdiocese.

                                              "Is there anyone among you who, if your child asks for breaed, will give a stone?"   Matthew 7:9

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