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2017 Ron Rathbone Local History Prize Winner!

$60.00 each


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The Rock of St George

 Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the first

           St Joseph’s Church-School, Rockdale

by Dr Damian Gleeson

“The history of a Parish or Church or School is not merely the history of a place or a set of buildings,  it is the story of a community of people. Rockdale has seen, and continues to be, a vast mix of cultures from its very beginnings, even before Europeans arrived in Australia.

“… after faith, the greatest wealth of St Joseph’s and the broader Rockdale community is the continued ethnic and cultural diversity of its people. The community played a significant role in nurturing the faith of Catholics in this district and being a sign of the welcoming presence of Christ to all.” 


                                                                                   - Fr Brendan Quirk, Parish Priest

“The book is a valuable addition to our understanding of the trials and tribulations of our Anglo/Celtic past but it also provides a perspective of our multicultural society, into the future...

“This historical study will provide an invaluable reference for students of Australian history.”

                                                              - Hon. Barrie Unsworth, Former NSW Premier

“St Mary MacKillop Parish must feel proud to have such a scholarly history.”  

                                                                                                  - Prof. Edmund Campion

A great read!  A wonderful gift idea!

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